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Known Issues

  • If a file cannot be scanned due to improper permissions, RomVault may crash with an error.
  • If a 0-entry DAT resides in it's own folder in the DatRoot then it displays as red in the tree.
  • The numbers next to the status icons in the ROM Summary pane may overlap during a scan or fix operation.
  • The MAME v0.77 Rollback CHD 'blitz99' will not scan properly with recent versions of chdman.exe. If it is scanned it will be marked as corrupt even though it is valid. This is a backward compatibility issue with chdman, however RomVault currently only supports using one version of chdman.exe at any given time. To scan this file properly you can use an old version of chdman appropriate for the MAME v0.77 release or remove chdman.exe from the RomVault directory temporarily.
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