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Level Scanning settings

There are 3 different Scanning Level settings. Below is a short explanation of them:

Scanning Levels
Level 1Scans just the CRC/Size right out of the headers of the ZIP files, this is super fast, and if you just want to fix a MAME set as quick as you can and are about to join the next MAME torrent which will fixing anything that may be wrong anyway, then this is still probably enough for you.
Level 2(THIS IS THE BEST ONE - USE THIS) Level 2 scans every file just the same as Level 3, getting and checking the full set of CRC, SHA1 & MD5, and the first time you run a Level 2 scan it will take a very long time, but it also stores the file time stamp of your zip files, and so the second time you run a scan it checks the file time stamp, and if the file has not changed then it does not recheck it, so the second time around it actually goes super fast again, only slowing down to read any new or changed files.
Level 3This then gets the full set of CRC, Size, SHA1 & MD5 of every file it scans which is unfortunately much much much slower that the quick Level 1 scan, as is has to fully extract every file out of every zip file and perform all of the checksums on every file. (RomVault 2.0.0 does do all of this in memory, so it tries to be as fast as it can.) But does of course guarantee all your files are truly correct.

Level Fixing settings

There are also Level 1, 2 and 3 Fixing, which sort of works the same as Scanning Levels:

Fixing Levels
Level 1 only fixes comparing size and CRC.
Level 2 compares size, CRC, SHA1 & MD5, but will still copy the raw uncompressed data from one zip to another, for speed if possible
Level 3 compares size, CRC, SHA1 & MD5, but will uncompress and recompress every file every time.
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