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List of Feature Requests for RomVault

Larger Features

  • Set headered sets to only fix with headered files.
  • Zip files scanned as files, so that DATs stored as file with zip files in the DAT will scan and fix correctly.
  • Support Date/Times, this means:
    • Replacement to trrntzip that stores dates. (RVZip)
    • Unordered List ItemNew Dat Format to store dates. (RVDats)
  • RVDat extensions to DAT format to support date/time and describe the file compression type in the DAT, also file order from the DAT and zip file comments stored in the DAT.
  • RVDat extension and Date/Time support should enable EXO and T.D.C. to be supported by RomVault.
  • Parallel File Scanning.
  • Improved file reporting, such as HTML report.

Smaller Features

  • Don't use 7z cache if we are only pulling one file out of a 7z.
  • See if we can just rename a ZIP file.
  • Keyboard only usage of RomVault.
  • Emulation launching support.
  • Handle locked and un-accessible files (due to security) better.

Other Ideas from RomVault Users

Overall User Experience

  • Improve the usability for color blind users (Ex. hover-over info shown in the bottom frame for the status icons)
  • Improve the descriptions for the different scanning and fixing levels
  • Update and reorganize the color key help content so its easier to read
  • Support for push notification for scanning / fixing complete and errors (Ex. Pushbullet, Pushover, Boxcar, etc.)

Rom Statuses

  • Combine the “Regular” and “Rename” orange status totals or create a new icon for renames
  • Repurpose the unsed blue “unscanned” status for roms that could not be scanned due to file system errors (Ex. permissions)

DAT/ROMRoot Functionality

  • Ability to have ignored directories within the DatRoot
  • Safely support ToSort folders that exist somewhere within the RomRoot
  • Organize Corrupt zips when the corrupt zip is found in ToSort (Currently zips are only moved to the Corrupt folder if they were found in the RomRoot)

Context Menus

  • Allow the user to access all 3 scanning levels for an ad hoc override of your current settings
  • Ability to level 3 re-scan an individual set

Global Settings

  • Support wildcards in the global file ignore settings
  • Option to move or rename complete sets when needed instead of copy & delete
  • A setting for FixDAT output directory
  • A setting to define an external FixDAT post-processing script to execute (Ex. to run DATs through SabreTools)
  • A setting to define an external FixDAT pre-processing script to execute (Ex. to delete old FixDATs)
  • A setting to scan both the contents of archives as well archives themselves when in “Files” mode

Directory Settings

  • Ability to control the file ignore rules and support wildcards (Ex. allowing all .sbi files)
  • A setting to only keep full sets in the RomRoot
  • Ability to set the scanning level as part of directory settings
  • Ability to assign multiple paths in directory settings (Ex. pooling MAME CHDs across multiple drives)
  • Ability to use “folder-less” uncompressed single file sets (Ex. GameCube ISOs)

Tree View

  • Display 0-entry DATs as green when there is only one DAT in a folder
  • Show the number of dats in a folder in the tree (Currently only ROM Have/Miss is shown)
  • Ability to rename ToSort directories for display in the tree and present alphabetically by ToSort label (Currently this shows full paths to each ToSort)
  • Ability to pivot the directory tree by level for an alternate view of your collection (Ex. “Type > System > Group” piviot to “Type > Group > System”)


  • Allow the user to pause scanning or fixing
  • Allow the user to force cancel scanning or fixing and cleanup the cache up to the last fully processed file. Today the only option is a hard forced shutdown which leads to the cache becoming out of sync compared to what was scanned. (Ex. a multi-stage cancel: Cancel → Force Stop)
  • Show the file that is currently being processed in the scanning/fixing status window
  • If a file cannot be scanned for any reason (Ex. permissions issues) then log the error in the status window
  • Show statistics in the status window while fixing (Roms fixed / remaining)
  • Add a compression status progress bar or percentage for the current file (Like chdman verification while scanning)

Fixing Status Log

  • Ability to filter the fix log by the status column (Ex. Show everything except Deletes)
  • Ability to rearrange the columns of the fix log

Generating Reports (FixDATs)

  • Provide a way to always avoid DAT merge conflicts from a set of FixDATs
  • A setting to configure the RomRoot depth from 0-4 levels deep
  • Add the functionality of RVX into RomVault at a directory level (Ex. Store everything under “RomRoot\Arcade” in deduped RVX format)
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