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Known Issues

  • The TrrntZip.NET.exe utility is outdated and does not include recent fixes to the torrentzip format.
  • If a file has permissions that disallow deletion during a fix operation, RomVault with throw a friendly error. Upon dismissing this message a hard crash will occur with an error and the cache will become corrupted. RomVault will not start again until the corrupt cache file is removed.
  • If a file is in use by another process during a fix operation on that file, RomVault will crash and throw an error. At this point the cache will be out of sync with the files on disk and a rescan will be needed.
  • A fix operation on a 7z file can leave orphaned files in the 7z cache directory. It appears these orphaned files are then completely ignored by RomVault, even if they match a file in a DAT.
  • (Fixed in V3.3) If an archive contains all the correct files, and then there is a DAT update that changes only the character case of any of these files, then the archive is still marked as good and the files are not renamed to the proper case.
  • (Fixed in V3.3) If a set needs a fix from an archived file with the “incorrect character case” issue above, then a file system error is thrown when that fix is attempted.
  • If the Single Archive + No SubDirs settings are used when a DAT is NOT in its own subfolder in the DATRoot, then subdirectories are still created. If the DAT is in its own subfolder, then the settings work as expected. This issue has been reported by people who are also using “File” as the Archive Type.
  • (Fixed in V3.3) CHDs that have a .chd extension in the DAT file have an extra .chd extension appended when fixed by RomVault (E.g. MAME-2003-Plus DAT)
  • If you generate fixDats on directories that are using the Single Archive setting with “Add SubDirs if multiple roms” then RomVault will crash with an error. The text reports will not cause a crash, but the reports will not include any information from the directories using Single Archive. This may also occur under other directory setting scenarios but this is unconfirmed.
  • DATs with zero entries are automatically selected in the tree after a DAT Update, even if the DATs did not change.
  • The side icons are not visible when RomVault is used on Linux. This is likely a PNG transparency issue.
  • (The main UI is being re-worked for V3.3, fixing this issue.) The numbers next to the status icons in the ROM Summary pane may overlap during a scan or fix operation
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