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Bugs & Known Issues

Help us help you! If you find a bug or experience a crash, please report it on the ROMVault Discord in the bug-reporting channel. Its always helpful to provide context around your setup, details about when the crash occurred, screenshots, and how to reproduce (if possible).

The list below may be outdated. Please refer to the new and improved RomVault Bug Tracker.
Feel free to add any new bugs discovered along with relevant info to reproduce the issue.


# Type Description Status
1 Logic If you generate fixDats on directories that are using the Single Archive setting with “Add SubDirs if multiple roms” with File as the archive type then RomVault will crash with an error. The text reports will not cause a crash, but the reports will not include any information from the directories using Single Archive. This may also occur under other directory setting scenarios but this is unconfirmed. (screenshot)
2 Minor The DatVault DAT “Size” column sorts by the string value instead of the byte value need to add a custom sort for this
3 Minor The Compress action is missing the filesize in the fixing status log (screenshot) believe this is from the DAT not having size, but will find a fix anyway.
4 Logic Empty directories and 0 byte files will be deleted during a fix when the branch is locked in the tree
5 Crash A hard crash can occur during a fix due to “illegal characters in path” (screenshot)
6 Logic A “Rescan Needed” error can occur in certain scenarios involving a case sensitive fix. (sreenshots: 1, 2)
7 Crash A hard crash can occur during a scan or fix due to “The process cannot access the file 'XXXXX' because it is being used by another process.” (screenshot)
8 Crash A hard crash can occur during a fix due to “There is not enough space on the disk.” This happens if the drive where the cache is stored runs out of space, for example during a mid-fix cache backup.
9 Crash A hard crash can occur if you do not have a DatRoot folder present and you try to add a directory in the DatVault UI (screenshot)
10 Crash A filesystem error will be thrown if RomVault tries to ZipMove an archive while it is open in another application (screenshot)
11 Crash A hard crash can occur if you attempt a fix without a ToSort directory (screenshot)
12 Minor Recompressing to RV7Z shows a status of TrrntZipping in the status log (screenshot)
13 Crash A hard crash can occur when trying to write a file that is only a case sensitive rename. (screenshots: 1, 2)
14 Logic A “Double Name Found” error can occur when refreshing all DATs if you have cache references to the same set with different character case in that directory. (screenshots: 1, 2, 3)
15 Crash A hard crash can occur when RV tries to do a fix from a directory that is no longer accessible due to a case sensitivity difference. This may be a larger race condition issue where RV attempts to reference a folder or file before the change is made on the filesystem. (screenshot)
16 Logic A “Light Cyan” to ToSort fix status is not accounted for. (screenshot)
17 Crash A hard crash can occur if an MIA submission times out (screenshot)
18 Logic CMP DATs are interpreted with incorrect character encoding. (screenshots: 1, 2)
19 Minor The in-app update notification to 3.5.0 does not work.
20 Crash A crash will occur if a user finds an MIA rom but the DatVault server is unreachable. (screenshot)
21 Crash A crash can occur while scanning an archive with the error “Incorrect Extraction size found 0 expected X” Fixed in next release
22 Logic Sometimes a fix can end early and look complete, however the percentage is not 100%. This also results in a state where RV appears to show fix sources (orange/brown) still available. Finding fixes again will show the corresponding yellow fix statuses. (screenshots: 1, 2, 3)
23 Logic An unaccounted for combination of ROM statuses can occur during a fix and throw and error (screenshot)
24 Minor Ampersand characters in file and path names are not displayed in the scanning status window
25 Crash A “Start index cannot be less than zerp” error can occur when trying to make a Full DAT from the RomVault root (screenshot)
26 Crash A crash will occur if the temp archive is open by another process when RomVault tries to rename it (error dump)
27 Minor A “file has changed” error can occur and display dump info into the error popup (screenshot)
28 Minor The “_0” is inserted into the incorrect place to avoid naming conflicts if the set name contains periods. (screenshot)

Known Issues

# Description Status
1 Fixes from 7z archives to Uncompressed sets do not use the 7z cache
2 If a path becomes inaccessible during a scan (E.g. mapped network drive), RV will continue to scan and erase information of previously scanned files. Ideally RV should halt if a path is inaccessible.
3 Browsing subfolders in a ToSort during a scan/fix will change the DAT Info panel back to the root of the ToSort every few seconds. (screenshot)
4 The 7z cache logic can result in scenarios where the cache directories can accumulate before deletions occur. This should be optimized to keep a minimum amount of data uncompressed in the 7z cache directories at any given time. (screenshot)
5 If a fix only consists of removals to ToSort, the percentage complete and progress bar stay at 0% (screenshot)
6 [WIP BUILD] ZipMove is sometimes not used if the archive to be moved contains a 0 byte file. This occurs if the zip to be moved resides in a path that comes before the destination directory alphabetically. (E.g. DirA → DirB: ZipMove not used. DirB → DirA: ZipMove is used.) (screenshot)
7 A “File changed, rescan needed” error can occur when there are unscanned files (using File archive type) in your RomRoot and a fix tries to move files of the same name into place. The error message is not intuitive, this should trigger an “Unexpected file found” error instead. (screenshot)
8 An “Unexpected file found in directory” error can occur when ZipMoving a complete archive from ToSort to RomRoot when multiple dats are mapped to the same directory in the RomRoot. (screenshot)
9 An “unexpected network error” can occur in situations where a mapped network drive is spun down and inaccessible until spin up. (screenshot)
10 RomVault will attempt to scan archives even if the timestamp of the archive did not change. Example: A dat file contains zips as files, so you rename all your zips to *.zip_ to prevent RV from scanning the contents. After fixing the zips have the proper extension in the proper place. However, now if you scan that directory the zip contents will be hashed, which is unwanted.
11 There is a memory leak with mono 6.8.. upgrade to a newer version at

Linux Specific - Issues

# Description Distro Reported Status
1 DATVault takes approximately 45 seconds to load and displays a black screen in the process (screenshot) Ubuntu 20.04
2 DATVault initially loads with no DATs. Closing the window and reopening can resolve the issue. (screenshot) Ubuntu 20.04
3 DATVault groups filter sometimes shows with a black box (screenshot) Ubuntu 20.04
4 DATVault will sometimes crash if loaded with login info saved in the config.xml Ubuntu 20.04
5 DATVault checkboxes in the main DAT grid always appear checked (screenshot) Various
6 Clicking external links in the DATVault UI causes a “Cannot find the specified file” error (screenshot) Ubuntu 21.04 Partially fixed in v3.4.3
7 Generating a fixDAT can cause a crash if no directory is selected. RomVault attempts to save to a “Reports” subdir in the working directory, but if this subdir does not exist a crash will occur. (screenshot) Ubuntu 21.04
8 Sometimes the tree view can disappear when navigating around. Example: If you have one tree that's expansive, scroll down, then switch to a smaller tree the pane goes blank. You need to swap and swap back to get it to appear again. Basically it doesn't scroll back up on the first swap.(screenshot)
9 A hard crash with a “file already exists” error can occur when a case-sensitive rename occurs (screenshot 1) (screenshot 2) case sensitive FS
10 The Game details and ROM details grids do not display the & character correctly. (screenshot)

TorrentZip UI

1A crash will occur if a file has an invalid or missing timestamp
2A CorruptZip error will occur if disk space runs out
3Cannot handle multiple files with the same name but different extensions when going from File > ZIP
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