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Known Issues

1If a file is in use by another process during a fix operation on that file, RomVault will crash and throw an error. At this point the cache will be out of sync with the files on disk and a rescan will be needed.
2A fix operation on a 7z file can leave orphaned files in the 7z cache directory. This can be reproduced by starting with a 7z file that has some files that match an existing complete set in a DAT and other files that do not match. Upon fixing, the matched files are removed from the archive and the archive is recompressed, however the unmatched files are also left in the 7z cache.Fixed in v3.4.1 WIP1
3Single Archive settings do not work properly unless the DATs are each in their own folder.
4If the Single Archive + No SubDirs settings are used when a DAT is NOT in its own subfolder in the DATRoot, then subdirectories are still created. If the DAT is in its own subfolder, then the settings work as expected. This issue has been reported by people who are also using “File” as the Archive Type.
5If you generate fixDats on directories that are using the Single Archive setting with “Add SubDirs if multiple roms” then RomVault will crash with an error. The text reports will not cause a crash, but the reports will not include any information from the directories using Single Archive. This may also occur under other directory setting scenarios but this is unconfirmed.
6DATs with zero entries are automatically selected and expanded in the tree after a DAT Update, even if the DATs did not change.
7The side icons are not visible when RomVault is used on Linux. This is likely a PNG transparency issue.
8Corrupt archive icons are only displayed at levels above the directory where the corrupt archive resides. E.g. an archive sitting in the base directory of your ToSort will not appear as corrupt when clicking on ToSort in the tree.
9Files without read permissions are completely skipped by RomVault with no indicators. Ideally these files should be flagged with a blue status.
10RomVault throws a “Rescan needed” error during a fix operation if the fix is to correct the character case of the ROM. If you close this error and attempt the fix again, RomVault proceeds past this error. A rescan is not required.
11Missing counts in the tree and summary panes include ROMs that are in blue locked status. For example, an unneeded locked file will count as missing even if you have all other ROMs marked as “Have.”
12If RomVault does not have proper access to a directory, scanning an uncompressed file in that directory will throw a “ZipErrorOpeningFile” error. This is unrelated to opening a zip file.
13RomVault will perform a copy/delete operation instead of a move operation when uncompressed sets are renamed using the Single Archive option.
14Cancelling an Update DATs operation has no effect. All DATs continue to be processed even after the user chooses to cancel.
15RomVault will silently end a scan early if it encounters a file with an invalid timestamp beyond a date supported by windows. When this occurs data appears to be deleted from the cache for any files that would have been scanned after this file in the current directory
16Clicking the “Show Merged ROMs” filter can cause a crash in some scenarios. Can be reproduced with a clean install of v3.4.0 without any DATs or ROMs scanned.Fixed locally
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