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1If you generate fixDats on directories that are using the Single Archive setting with “Add SubDirs if multiple roms” with File as the archive type then RomVault will crash with an error. The text reports will not cause a crash, but the reports will not include any information from the directories using Single Archive. This may also occur under other directory setting scenarios but this is unconfirmed. (screenshot) Still a Bug
2A directory rule applied to single SuperDAT in a directory will force the use of the “rootdir” specified in the DAT header. Without a directory rule, RomVault ignores the rootdir if the DAT is by itself in a directory in the DATRoot Fixed in next release
3Deleting discontinued DATs with DATVault then updating new DATs throws a warning that DATs will be deleted. The warning message appears to be cached from previous action. (screenshot) Fixed in next release
4RomVault will crash if trying to use a fix from a ToSort path that is no longer accessible (E.g. unmounted network share) Fixed in next release
5Attempting to do Find Fixes for a “light cyan” status ROM from a dedupe DAT without having the primary DAT selected will cause an error and undefined rom status (screenshot 1, 2, 3, 4) Fixed in next release
6The DatVault DAT “Size” column sorts by the string value instead of the byte value need to add a custom sort for this
7Newly imported DatVault JSONs can show a directory that is truncated and with ancestors higher than the DatRoot (When loading new DAT's with auto load DAT check box unticked) (screenshot) Fixed in next release
8The Compress action is missing the filesize in the fixing status log (screenshot) believe this is from the DAT not having size, but will find a fix anyway.
9[WIP BUILD] The fixing progress bar does not account for all actions which can result in a completion that is less than 100% (screenshot) Fixed in next release
10[WIP BUILD] A null exception will occur if the first file in a ZipMoved archive is zero bytes Fixed in next release
11[WIP BUILD] An error occurs when an archive is renamed in place. Case sensitive renames work properly. (screenshot) Cannot Reproduce
12[WIP BUILD] When double check delete is enabled, an error can occur after a file is ZipMoved and a deletion needs to be checked against the newly moved file. (screenshot) Cannot Reproduce
13[WIP BUILD] A “Cannot create file when file already exists” error can occur if you do a fix without a rescan after an archive is ZipMoved or Renamed (screenshot) Cannot Reproduce
14[WIP BUILD] ZipMove appears to work for non-torrentzipped files. A subsequent fix will torrentzip the files. (screenshot) Fixed in next release
15The ROMs missing count does not match what is shown in the Games List grid when fixes are available (screenshot)
16Empty directories and 0 byte files will be deleted during a fix when the branch is locked in the tree
17A directory rule for a specific DAT does not work unless the DAT is in its own directory. Fixed
187z archives compressed into a zip archive are flagged with a header tag of “Nothing”. Fixed in next release
19A crash can occur if you click the region outside of the DatVault “Select All” checkbox. (screenshot)
20An “unexpected network error” can occur in situations where a mapped network drive is spun down and inaccessible until spin up. (screenshot)
21Whatever this Kludged mess is. (screenshot)
22[WIP BUILD] ZipMove is sometimes not used if the archive to be moved contains a 0 byte file.

Known Issues

1Fixes from 7z archives to Uncompressed sets do not use the 7z cache
2If a path becomes inaccessible during a scan (E.g. mapped network drive), RV will continue to scan and erase information of previously scanned files. Ideally RV should halt if a path is inaccessible.
3Browsing subfolders in a ToSort during a scan/fix will change the DAT Info panel back to the root of the ToSort every few seconds. (screenshot)
4The 7z cache logic can result in scenarios where the cache directories can accumulate before deletions occur. This should be optimized to keep a minimum amount of data uncompressed in the 7z cache directories at any given time. (screenshot)
5If a fix only consists of removals to ToSort, the percentage complete and progress bar stay at 0% (screenshot)

Linux Specific - Issues

#DescriptionDistro ReportedStatus
1DATVault takes approximately 45 seconds to load and displays a black screen in the process (screenshot) Ubuntu 20.04
2DATVault initially loads with no DATs. Closing the window and reopening can resolve the issue. (screenshot) Ubuntu 20.04
3DATVault groups filter sometimes shows with a black box (screenshot) Ubuntu 20.04
4DATVault will sometimes crash if loaded with login info saved in the config.xml Ubuntu 20.04
5DATVault checkboxes in the main DAT grid always appear checked (screenshot)Various
6Clicking external links in the DATVault UI causes a “Cannot find the specified file” error (screenshot)Ubuntu 21.04Partially fixed in v3.4.3
7Generating a fixDAT can cause a crash if no directory is selected. RomVault attempts to save to a “Reports” subdir in the working directory, but if this subdir does not exist a crash will occur. (screenshot)Ubuntu 21.04
8Sometimes the tree view can disappear when navigating around. Example: If you have one tree that's expansive, scroll down, then switch to a smaller tree the pane goes blank. You need to swap and swap back to get it to appear again. Basically it doesn't scroll back up on the first swap.(screenshot)
9A hard crash with a “file already exists” error can occur when a case-sensitive rename occurs (screenshot 1) (screenshot 2)case sensitive FS

TorrentZip UI

1A crash will occur if a file has an invalid or missing timestamp
2A CorruptZip error will occur if disk space runs out
3Cannot handle multiple files with the same name but different extensions when going from File > ZIP
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