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Config XML (Advanced)

The RomVault3cfg.xml file contains all of the global, directory, and filter settings used by the application. The settings for ToSort directories are not stored in this XML. ToSort directory definitions are stored in the cache and are not editable outside of the RomVault UI.

Do NOT edit this file directly unless you know exactly what you are doing. Any features accessible by solely through direct configuration XML edits should be considered experimental.


This flag is used to enable RomVault in “Files Only” mode which treats all archives as files

  • Normal mode (Default):
  • Files Only mode:
When this setting is set to “true” then RomVault will not read the contents of any archives. Instead it will scan the 7z or zip archive as a single file. This is useful if you would like to run a separate instance of RomVault just for managing DATs that treat archives as files. Because this setting applies globally, its advised to set this with a clean instance of RomVault before any files are scanned.


This is the name and location of the RomVault cache file

  • Standard name and location (Default):
  • Example alternate name and location:
💡 TIP:
Although you can change the location of the cache file, its advised to choose a location on a fast SSD or NVME drive to ensure the best performance. This setting can be useful if you want to store your cache file in a different directory which is periodically backed up with a sync program of your choice.


This setting enables zstd compression for solid 7z archives instead of RV7Z.

  • ZSTD compression disabled (Default):
  • ZSTD compression enabled:
This feature is extremely experimental and should not be used outside of testing. The ZSTD compressed archive format is subject to change in future versions of RomVault. ZSTD is supported natively but it is not multi-threaded at this time. To use ZSTD with multi-threading you can include the libzstd.dll file in a subfolder called “x64” next to the RomVault executable.


This section is used to configure viewing MAME artwork and launching MAME ROMs directly from the RomVault UI. Configuration settings should be nested into a node called EmulatorInfo as shown in the example. The following settings are configurable:

  • TreeDir: The path in your RomRoot used for MAME ROMs. Omit the “RomRoot” portion of the full path.
  • ExtraPath: The path in your RomRoot used for MAME Extras. Omit the “RomRoot” portion of the full path.
  • WorkingDirectory: The full path for the emulator working directory.
  • ExeName: The emulator executable in the working directory you would like to use for launching games.
  • CommandLine: The commandline parameters to use when launching the game.

The following tokens can be used with the CommandLine setting:

  • {gamename}: The game file name without the extension
  • {gamefilename}: The game file name with extension
  • {gamedirectory}: The game directory
  • Feature disabled (Default):
  • Featured enabled example:
        <ExtraPath>Artwork\MAME Extras</ExtraPath>

This feature currently only works with MAME ROMs and the MAME Extras set.
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