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Config XML (Advanced)

The RomVault3cfg.xml file contains all of the global, directory, and filter settings used by the application. The settings for ToSort directories are not stored in this XML, those are stored in the cache and are not editable outside of the RomVault UI.

Do NOT edit this file directly unless you know exactly what you are doing. There are two noteworthy settings that are editable directly in the XML which are not accessible though the RomVault UI.


This flag is used to enable RomVault in FilesOnly mode which treats all archives as files

  • Default: false

Note: When this setting is set to “true” then RomVault will not read the contents of any archives. Instead it will scan the 7z or zip archive as a single file. This is useful if you would like to run a separate instance of RomVault just for managing DATs that treat archives as files. Because this setting applies globally, its advised to set this with a clean instance of RomVault before any files are scanned.


This is the name and location of the RomVault cache file

  • Default: RomVault3_1.Cache

Note: Although you can change the location of the cache file, its advised to choose a location on a fast SSD or NVME drive to ensure the best performance. This setting can be useful if you want to store your cache file in a different directory which is periodically backed up with a sync program of your choice.

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