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List of Feature Requests for RomVault

Larger Features (To be added in Version 4.0)
RVDat extensions to DAT format to support date/time and describe the file compression type in the DAT, also file order from the DAT and zip file comments stored in the DAT.
RVDat extension and Date/Time support should enable EXO and T.D.C. to be supported by RomVault.
Set headered sets to only fix with headered files.
Zip files scanned as files, so that DATs stored as file with zip files in the DAT will scan and fix correctly. (*1)
Support Date/Times, this means:
Replacement to trrntzip that stores dates. (RVZip)
Unordered List ItemNew Dat Format to store dates. (RVDats)
Parallel File Scanning. (Not in V4.0)
Improved file reporting, such as HTML report.
Smaller Features (To be added in Version 4.0)
Don't use 7z cache if we are only pulling one file out of a 7z.
See if we can just rename a ZIP file.(*3)
Keyboard only usage of RomVault.
Emulation launching support.
Handle locked and un-accessible files (due to security) better.

Other Ideas from RomVault Users

(Yes Status mean, I agree it is a good idea, and will get to it.)

Overall User ExperienceStatus
Dark modeWaiting for .NET 6.0
Improve the usability for color blind users (Ex. hover-over info shown in the bottom frame for the status icons)Waiting for .NET 6.0
Improve the descriptions for the different scanning and fixing levels(Done in V3.3)
Update and reorganize the color key help content so its easier to read(Done in V3.3)
A global search functionNot sure what this looks like.
Support for push notification for scanning / fixing complete and errors (Ex. Pushbullet, Pushover, Boxcar, etc.)
ROM Statuses and Details
Combine the “Regular” and “Rename” orange status totals or create a new icon for renamesYes
When using the “No Subdirs” directory option, display as sets instead of ROMsremove dir's from tree, and see what should be displayed in the game grid
Allow sorting by the “Type” column(Done in V3.3)
Allow sorting by the “ROM Status” columnYes
Allow sorting by the “Got” column(Done in V3.3)
A new status for MIA ROMs - perhaps powered by a special folder of fixDats only used to mark ROMs within those DATs as MIA
DAT/ROMRoot Functionality
Ability to have ignored directories within the DatRootWould have to figure out best way to implement this.
Safely support ToSort folders that exist somewhere within the RomRootIs the same as ignored dir
Organize Corrupt zips when the corrupt zip is found in ToSort (Currently zips are only moved to the Corrupt folder if they were found in the RomRoot)Yes, as a configurable option
Context Menus
Allow the user to access all 3 scanning levels for an ad hoc override of your current settings(Done in V3.3)
Ability to level 3 re-scan an individual set
Global Settings
Support wildcards and/or regex in the global file ignore settings, including the ability to ignore something like cheat.7zNot sure about this being global, could be a directory level option. See (*2)
Support for ignoring files based on a hash (CRC, MD5, SHA1)
Option to move or rename complete sets when needed instead of copy & deleteRepeat Request, see (*3)
A setting for FixDAT output directoryYes
A setting to define an external FixDAT post-processing script to execute (Ex. to run DATs through SabreTools)
A setting to define an external FixDAT pre-processing script to execute (Ex. to delete old FixDATs)
A setting to scan both the contents of archives as well archives themselves when in “Files” modeNope, This is asking for zip as file, just from the other direction
Ability to choose both the primary and backup cache locationsYes
Directory Settings
Ability to control the file ignore rules and support wildcards (Ex. allowing all .sbi files) (*2)Yes
A setting to only keep full sets in the RomRootLike the idea need full process flushed out.
Ability to set the scanning level as part of directory settingsNope, RV V4.0 really pushes Level 2 scanning
Ability to assign multiple paths in directory settings (Ex. pooling MAME CHDs across multiple drives)
Ability to use “Category” tags from a DAT as auto-created sub-directories (Ex. DATs)Yes
Ability to select the Categories you want to collect from a DATYes
Tree View
Display 0-entry DATs as green when there is only one DAT in a folderDone, to be released soon.
Show the number of dats in a folder in the tree (Currently only ROM Have/Miss is shown)Show roms/sets/dats? (UI option)
Ability to rename ToSort directories for display in the tree and present alphabetically by ToSort label (Currently this shows full paths to each ToSort)
Ability to pivot the directory tree by level for an alternate view of your collection (Ex. “Type > System > Group” pivot to “Type > Group > System”)Nope
Ability to save a set of tree selections as a favorite
Ability to scan/fix CHD contents against a DAT Need GordonJ's Feedback
Implement a check to ensure a network share is accessible to prevent unwanted removals from the cache Need to figure out how, but Yes
Allow the user to pause scanning or fixingYes
Allow the user to force cancel scanning or fixing and cleanup the cache up to the last fully processed file. Today the only option is a hard forced shutdown which leads to the cache becoming out of sync compared to what was scanned. (Ex. a multi-stage cancel: Cancel → Force Stop)Yes
Show the file that is currently being processed in the scanning/fixing status windowYes
If a file cannot be scanned for any reason (Ex. permissions issues) then log the error in the status window and continue the scan. Currently it halts the scanning operation and flags the file with a blue status.Yes
Show statistics in the status window while fixing (Roms fixed / remaining)Yes
Add a compression status progress bar or percentage for the current file (Like chdman verification while scanning)Yes
Ability to perform a dry run fix with logging that shows what RomVault would do (Useful when changing directory settings to see the impact)Nope
Support both chdman.exe (CHD v2+) and hdcomp.exe (CHD v1) for validating CHD files(Done in V3.3)
Fixing Status Log
Ability to filter the fix log by the status column (Ex. Show everything except Deletes)Yes
Ability to rearrange the columns of the fix log
Include empty folder deletions in the logYes
Generating Reports (FixDATs)
Provide a way to always avoid DAT merge conflicts from a set of FixDATs???
A setting to configure the RomRoot depth from 0-4 levels deep.
Add the functionality of RVX into RomVault at a directory level (Ex. Store everything under “RomRoot\Arcade” in deduped RVX format)would need a DB driven version of RV first
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