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Setting up RomVault on Linux

RomVault is designed as a Windows application, but it will run on many Linux distros using mono. The instructions below outline the basic steps to initially setup RomVault on Linux using the Ubuntu distro as an example.

There may be Linux and mono specific bugs. Please refer to the Bugs / Known Issues page for more details. Please join the ROMVault Discord server to report any new bugs.

Install Mono

  • Install the mono-complete package appropriate for your version of your Linux distro.

Create a Launcher Shortcut

The RomVault application is designed to write configuration files and its Cache file to the same directory as the executable. Its important to launch RomVault using mono from the same directory as the RomVault executable. You may find it helpful to create a launcher shortcut to do this.

  1. Open a text editor
  2. Paste the following into your text file:

    [Desktop Entry]
    Exec=mono /home/gordonj/Desktop/ROMVault/ROMVault3.exe
  3. Modify the Path, Exec, and Icon lines as needed
  4. Save the file with the name ROMVault.desktop and save it to your desktop
  5. Right click the file and select Properties
  6. Select the Permissions tab
  7. Enable Allow executing file as program
  8. Close the Properties window
  9. Right click the file and select Allow Launching

RomVault does not come packaged with a separate icon file. You can use your own .png or .ico file for your launcher shortcut image.

Launch RomVault

You can now Launch RomVault by double clicking your newly created shortcut.

Alternately, you can launch RomVault via the command line with mono from the RomVault executable directory:

  1. Open the Terminal application
  2. Navigate to your RomVault executable directory
  3. Launch with mono ./ROMVault3.exe
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