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RomVault Help

The wiki is a constant work in progress. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please join the RomVault Discord and feel free to ask for help. The RomVault community is full of people willing to help out fellow ROM collectors.

Quick Reference
- UI Overview Familiarize yourself with the RomVault UI and learn helpful shortcuts
- Color Key A comprehensive reference for all color coded statuses and icons
- Shortcuts A quick reference for mouse and keyboard shortcuts
- Error Messages Run into an error? Check here for more information
Getting Started
- Windows Setup Get up and running with RomVault
- Linux Setup Configure RomVault to run using mono and create a launcher shortcut
- Upgrading Best practices when upgrading RomVault
- Organizing DATs Learn about the different common approaches for organizing your DATs
- Performance Tuning Tips and tricks to ensure RomVault runs as fast as possible
- Global Settings Learn about global options: Settings > RomVault Settings
- Directory Rules Learn about directory rules: Settings > Directory Settings
Single Archives Learn about the different ways you can store your ROM sets with the powerful Single Archive setting
Merge Types Learn about the different set merge types you can use with directory rules
- ToSort Directories Learn how to setup the different types of ToSort directories
- Scanning / Fixing Levels Learn how RomVault scans and fixes sets along with best practices
- What is DATVault Tired of manually keeping your DATs up-to-date? DATVault is the answer.
- How it Works Learn how DATVault works under the hood
- DATVault Setup A tutorial to start using DATVault with hands on examples
- Supported DATs A reference for the DATs available in DATVault and answers to common questions
- MIA ROM Tracking Learn how DATVault tracks MIA (missing in action) ROMs, which no other rom manager can do!
Advanced Options
- Config XML Learn about the config XML and how to enable experimental or advanced features
- Graphics Packs Learn how to change RomVault's graphics to make it your own
- Merging Drives Have a big collection but don't have an array? Consider this trick…
- Cache Structure Low level details about the RomVault cache, in case you wanted to look under the hood
Past and Future
- Changelog See how RomVault has changed over time with new features and fixes
- Bugs / Known Issues Find a bug? Check here first. If you think you found a new bug please join Discord to report it.
- Requested Features Have an idea? Share it on Discord, or upvote ideas from others
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