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The Side Buttons

Update DATs

Update Dats

Click 'Update DATs': Scan the DATRoot directory and load in and new or updated DAT files.

When a new DAT comes out (Like going from MAME 0.223 to MAME 0.224), simply delete the MAME 0.223 DAT and replace it (in the same directory) with the DAT for MAME 0.224. Then Click on 'Update DATs'. Once this completes you will see exactly what has changed in the new DAT. You do not need to re-scan your ROMs as they have not changed. You just need to click on 'Find Fixes' followed by 'Fix ROMs' to update your MAME set the best it can be to match the updated DAT.

Shift/Right Click 'Update DATs': Will perform a full reload of all the DATs in DATRoot. Generally this should not be needed, so only use this for troubleshooting if a DAT does not seem to be processed correctly or after upgrading RomVault to a newer version. For example, there may be changes between versions of RomVault that impact the way DATs are processed or how directory settings applied. In this case a full reload ensures all DATs are processed the exact same way.

Scan ROMs

Scan Roms

Click 'Scan Roms': to Scan all the ticked (and locked) directories in the Tree.

This will scan your RomRoot & ToSort directories for any new or changes files.

In the RomVault Setup example we put our to be fixed MAME ROMs into ToSort and RomVault did a full fix on these files, moving them into RomRoot/Arcade/MAME

We could have approached this another way, as we knew we had a partial MAME ROM set, we could have manually made all the directories RomRoot/Arcade/MAME (Matching the directory structure we setup in Datroot) and just copied the MAME ROMs we had directly into that directory, and then scanned and fixed as before. Doing this is preferable if we know we have a set that is close to being correct, as Scanning these ROMs in the correct directory will then hopefully get you close to where you are wanting to be, and the 'Find Fixes' / 'Fix ROMs' steps will only have to fix/move the files that need to be corrected. (Instead of having to move every single file over from Tosort.)

Find Fixes

Find Fixes

Click 'Find Fixes': to check all the files and see which ones need fixed/moved/deleted.

This stage is just checking to see what repairs need to be done. No files are moved at this stage. You can now look in the UI to see what can/will be fixed when you hit the next button.

Fix ROMs

Fix Files

Click 'Fix ROMs': This is where the magic happens, RomVault will perform all this fixing of your sets.

You must click on 'Find Fixes' first before clicking 'Fix ROMs' so that RomVault has already figured out what it is about to fix.

OR you can:

Right Click 'Fix ROMs': Will first scan your ROMs, then find fixes, and then fix your sets. (Like pressing all three buttons in order.)

Generate Reports


Click 'Generate Reports': Select an output directory, and RomVault will make a complete set of Fix DAT's

Fix DAT's are a list of DAT that only contain the files you are missing. These DATs can then be used to help you find the files you're missing.

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