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Upgrading RomVault

Upgrading RomVault is as simple as replacing the old RomVault EXE with the new one. The additional recommendations below are meant to ensure a smooth transition just in case anything goes wrong.

Create backups

  • Make sure RomVault is closed and there is no process running
  • Copy the following items to another location:
    • DatRoot folder
    • RomVault EXE file
    • RomVault config XML file
    • Cache file

Replace old files with new files

  • Download the newest version from
  • Extract the downloaded archive
  • Copy the new RomVault exe and replace the old one

chdman.exe may be included. You can use the version included with RomVault but its recommended to use the latest version of chdman.exe that is packaged with MAME from The chdman.exe can be found in the MAME install folder.

Force DAT update

  • Start RomVault
  • Hold the SHIFT key and then RIGHT CLICK the “Update DATs” button

This step is optional, but is recommended in case there are changes with how DATs are processed between versions. This forced update ensures that all directory settings are re-processed uniformly.

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