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Global Settings

Global Settings can be edited from the top menu: Settings > RomVault Settings

DAT Root Directory

This is the directory where all of your DATs are located. The directory tree in the left pane of the RomVault interface mirrors the DAT Root directory structure.

  • Default: A directory called “DatRoot” in the same location as the RomVault EXE

Note: The default “DatRoot” folder is not created automatically

Scanning Level

This setting controls how thorough of a scan you would like to perform when you click the “Scan ROMs” button. A detailed explanation of the different scanning levels is covered here: Scanning/Fixing Levels

  • Default: Level 2 - Full Data Scan New

Fixing Level

This setting controls how thorough of a fix you would like to perform when you click the “Fix ROMs” button. A detailed explanation of the different fixing levels is covered here: Scanning/Fixing Levels

  • Default: Level 2 - TorrentZip

Filenames not to remove from RomDirs

This setting allows you to specify files that should be ignored when scanning or fixing

  • Default: _ReadMe_.txt

Note: Each filename must be entered on a separate line. Filenames are an exact match and wildcards or regex are not currently supported.

Double Check Delete

Enabling this setting ensures that a good copy of the file to be deleted exists elsewhere before deleting

  • Default: Enabled

Note: Its highly recommended to keep this setting enabled. When this option is enabled RomVault does not blindly trust the information in cache for delete operations. For example, if you scanned a directory of files then RomVault would store the information about those files in the cache. If you then moved that directory or deleted the files without performing another scan, then RomVault still assumes you have those files in that location. In this scenario, if Double Check Delete were set to “Disabled” then RomVault may delete the only copy of that file you have instead of moving it to your Primary ToSort.

Save Cache on Timer Every XX Minutes

Enabling this setting will make RomVault create a backup of the cache file at regular intervals while fixing ROMs

  • Default: Enabled, 10 Minutes

Note: The cache is only backed up while the fixing process is running. The old cache backup will be overwritten with a new cache backup. Its recommended to keep this setting enabled.

In the rare event of an application or system crash its possible that the cache file can become corrupted. If this occurs the cache backup file can be renamed so that it becomes the primary cache, thus restoring your scan history within a few minutes of the crash. In the event of switching to a cache backup its advised to rescan any directories that were being scanning when the crash occurred to ensure the cache file is in sync with the files on disk.

Convert all 7z to RV7z

Enabling this setting will recompress all 7z archives to RV7z format during a fix operation

  • Default: Disabled

Note: If this is disabled then existing 7z or torrent7z archives will remain as is. However, any new or modified 7z archives will be written as RV7z. RomVault can read regular 7z and torrent7z archives but it only supports writing RV7z archives.

Detailed Fix Reporting

Enabling this setting will display more verbose logging while a fix is running

  • Default: Disabled

Debug Logs Enabled

Enabling this setting will write debug log files to the “Logs” directory relative to the RomVault EXE

  • Default: Disabled

Note: Do not enable this unless you are troubleshooting an error. If you are asking for support on the RomVault Discord, please try to reproduce the issue with debug logs enabled as it will help others help you with the issue.

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