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Welcome To RomVault Wiki

What is RomVault?


Why RomVault?

A note from Me (GordonJ): I started writing the very first version of RomVault back somewhere around 2005'ish. At that time more and more DAT files where starting to come out from different teams, and back then any other Rom Management tool would only process a single DAT file at a time.

The goal of RomVault is to enable you to load up about as many DAT's as you liked together at the same time and RomVault will sort all of them out together in one big fix. Take the TOSEC DAT sets for example, now contains over 3000 DAT files.

I also wanted to keep the UI and the needed options as simple as possible so that you did not need to dig into multiple different dialog screen before you could start sorting your ROMs, ROMVault should just be a couple of clicks and ROMs are being sorted right before your eyes.

With that in mind RomVault has come a very long way in 15 years of development, with many options that are there if you want them, but are still not needed if you just want to jump right in.

Also please always remember RomVault and collecting ROMs is a hobby, and fills a lot of my spare time. Feedback is welcome, but remember this is just a hobby.

I have probably spent 100's if not 1000's of hours working on this code. If you would like to show your support please do so there are donation links on my main website at:

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